I’ve loved Junko Mizuno for many years.  She’s a Japanese manga-ka (comic artist), and is absolutely fabulous.  She’s got a very bold style, like the illustrations and fonts prevalent in 70s American pop culture. But she’s creepy!  Zombies and flesh-eating mermaids, nudity (cartoonish and, therefore, quite bizarre), and blood.  Cartoonish blood.  People have called her gothy, but I consider her more of a dark satirist.  C’mon, seriously, a zombie prince charming you have to die to see perform in concert?  How do people not get that?  I may be wrong about this, but really, I don’t think so.  To me, it seems like she’s having a bit of fun with scenarios she finds silly or unreal.  But, anyway, I’ll stop yakkin’ now.  Go check her out; I command you.  Foo.


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